Natural Vibes Jewelry is focused on producing one-of-a-kind organic pieces of art, using only the finest quality gemstones and beads from the Earth.  Each quality piece is made with loving vibrations to help bring positivity in your life. 
Natural Vibes Jewelry originated in 1998 in Lima, Ohio. As an artist of many forms, I began creating jewelry for friends as a hobby.  That hobby evolved into a retail store called Birdella's Emporium in which the custom jewelry was a main staple in the store's merchandise sold.  Throughout the 7 year run of Birdella's Emporium, the jewelry has also been in many venues such as festivals, tattoo parlors, flea markets and specialty boutiques as well. 
Throughout my personal journey through life, I have embraced a more natural lifestyle through Vegetarianism, Yoga , Healing Gemstones and have explored the benefits of Green Living.  I have studied and worked with authentic gemstones to discover the healing aspects they give and positive energy they promote when worn.  This way of living has inspired my jewelry designs and is created to promote positive energy through the use of all natural materials such a hemp twine & authentic gemstones ... Made in Nature with Loving Vibrations <3
These handmade organic art pieces have been flourishing for a decade now.  Stop by an upcoming show or browse this site for ideas to have a custom designed piece made just for you!  If you discover an item that is not featured in the Online Shopping section, please email me your request . . .
I look forward to sharing positive vibrations with you!
Tektite Meteorite & Silver on Hamp Necklace
Electric Coral & Amethyst SetHemp< Wood< Geode wrapped in Sliver by Birdella
Coral< Shell & Glass beads from Nepal Island Necklace by Birdella
Magnetic Hematite, Tigers Eye & BrassElectric Coral & Turquois BraceletCelestite wrapped in Silver <3 Birdella
Gemstone & Orgonite Pendants Wire wrapped20 Strand Hemp Cuff BraceletAquamarine Dream
Macrame Hemp With Wood & a FeatherHemp, Wood & Glass Necklace
Tigers Eye Chandelier Long SandtrLabradorite  Wrap by BirdellaMixed Metals Line with Magnetic HematiteOrganic Hemp Naturals Bracelets
Skulls & Crystals Charm NecklaceRose Quartz Tribal StyleChakra Stone Pendants
Manifest WrapHeart Healing Aventurine & Copper constructed for Kell by BirdellaTurquois wrapped in silver on Micro Macrame Hemp by Birdella
Pyrite Mixed Metals WrapThe Hemp Macrame Machine in use
Jasper & Copper WrapMeteorite Tribal PendantBraid in the works ~ filled with Sunshine..made in Nature
Aquamarine & Crystal NecklaceFlourite & Tektite Creations with Wire Vintage Wire Wrap by BirdellaRings that Rock
Turquois and Hemp Anklet BraceletsQuartz Crystal Wire Wrap by Birdella with Lybian Desert GlassMalachite & Leather BraceletMalachite wrapped in Vintage Copper by Birdella
Pyrite Wire Weave EarringsCrystal Bling Long Strand NecklaceOpalite Bracelet
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