- Natural Indian Incense
RAMAKRISHNANANDA Hand Rolled Incense is made from the finest natural ingredients in the world. Hand made from a variety of herbs, flowers and resins which are blended together with pure oils and pure sandalwood. These exquisite blends are formulated to create a soothing and balanced environment, where relaxation of the body, mind and spirit can occur.  These aromas carry a secret of an ancient wisdom, a secret that is known to many of the spiritual cultures of the world such as the Shaman, Vedic, Celtic, Buddhist, Native American and others. They understood and realized the immense properties of aromas and their influence on our mental functions and our minds.
Sanalwood Supreme Incense
Shyam- 'The beautiful dark one.'
Qualities-Supreme beauty, youth, nobility and attractiveness.
It is said to enliven courage, purpose, strength and happiness. 10 sticks per pack, long lasting aroma.
Price: $3.00
Vanilla, Amber & Copal
Yamuna - Goddess of purification”
Absorption in spiritual
truth and purification.
Joy of divine playfulness. 10 sticks per pack, long lasting aroma.
Price: $3.00
Amber & Sandalwood
Hari - Remover of darkness”
A transcendental
vibration that removes
inauspiciousness and
purifies the heart. 10 stix per pack, long lasting aroma.
Price: $3.00
Ras Lila -The dance of divine love”
Pure love.
Price: $3.00
Lemongrass & Clove
Wielder of the plough”
Protection and loyalty,
brotherly love and service,
spiritual and moral
Balarama - 10 stix per pack, long lasting aroma.
Price: $3.00
Frankincense & Champa
Narasigha Dev -"Half-lion avatar”
Protector from dangers and
conquerer of demons and
enemies. Also known as the
protector from “maya” or
Price: $3.00
Rose & Jasmine
Matsya - “The fish avatar”
Clarity and awareness,
blessings and opening
ways to new beginnings. 10 sticks per pack, long lasting aroma.
Price: $3.00
Iris Flower & Jasmine
Gopinatha- The Lord of the Gopis
Qualities- Ecstatic love, surrender, beauty, unconditional love and friendship. 10 stix per pack, long lasting aroma.
Price: $3.00
Patchouli & Spices
Mukunda - The one who liberates
Qualities - Giver of liberation from all of life’s miseries and from the influence of "Karma" or cause and effect. 10 sticks per pack, long lasting aroma.
Price: $3.00
Sandalwood, Sage & Lavender
Govinda- Lover of the cows
Qualities - Joy and happiness, love for nature and all living beings. 10 sticks per pack, long lasting aroma.
Price: $3.00
Vanilla, Tulsi & Myrh
Gokula - The supreme plane”
A blissful spiritual abode
in the material plane and
a transcendental space for
the awakening of pure love,
devotion and bliss. 10 stix per pack, long lasting aroma.
Price: $3.00
Botanicals Blend
Jaganatha - Lord of the universe
Qualities -Worldly power, freedom from the cycle of birth and death, perfection in the art of devotional service. 10 sticks per pack, long lasting aroma.
Price: $3.00
Loban & Coconut
Govardhana -"The Divine Hill"
Price: $3.00
Shringara - Citronella, Patchouli and Geranium
"Mood of love and beauty that penetrates and infuses the spirit"

Ardent love and suffering due to separation from the divine lover.
A passionate savor arising from whatever is sacred and pure.
Love, beauty and a yearning
for the divine.

Price: $3.00
Madhurya Rasa - Khus and Almond
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"Attachment to the divine in conjugal love"

The taste of the divine romance between Krishna and the Gopis. A transcendental mellow of the passion and ecstasy shared by the most elevated devotees and the Lord
Passion and constant devotion
Price: $3.00
White Sage Bundle - Large
This smudge sticks are cultivated by hand out of the coastal mountains of California and are carefully crafted and dried to shape this ancient structure. The herb is known for centuries to be used by shamans and Native Americans for cleansing. The “White Sage Smudge” is known for its richness and strong aromatic scent infused with natural qualities suitable for purification of body, mind and spirit. Among the many species of the Sage plant that grow in different parts of the world, the "white sage" and its brother plant, the "High desert sage", are known for their spiritual benefits of cleansing negative energies which accumulated in the surroundings and the astral body.
The sage is organically grown and hand crafted in the U.S

Price: $7.99
Anahata Heart Chakra Resin Incense
Anahata Chakra - Love and Sensitivity 1.2oz bag

A bland of Rose
Fourth Chakra: Anāhata Chakra
A loving floral blend of natural resins for meditation and home aromathapy.
Price: $6.99
Nag Champa Incense
Appprox 100 grams of Nag Champa Incense .. or choose the Super Hit Zodiac scent variation, same weight as the nag champa.
Price: $10.00
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